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Pages updated: August 16th 2023

"Wuppertal" layout will be present at next IMA & Märklin Days - Sep 15-17 2023

"Doraemon" and "Wuppertal" layout were present on show at IMA - Nov 4-6 2022

Pages updated: June 24th 2022

Updated the page dedicated to Public expositions, with the recent participation to the Altenbeken Z-Weekend

Pages updated: April 26th 2022

"Doraemon" and "Wuppertal" layouts will be shown at the Altenbeken weekend, the larger and most important event in Z gauge model railroading

Pages updated: January 1st 2022

Happy fiftieth anniversary, Z scale!

Added the new page dedicated to the Plexiglas Rooms

General update of the whole website

Pages updated: December 29th 2021

General update of the inner pages dedicated to Model railroading in Z Scale

"Doraemon" layout at the Borsa scambio di modellismo di Genova Aeroporto on November 14th 2021!

Pages updated: March 13rd 2021

Added the new page dedicated to how to realize interior plates for the VT11.5 train

Pages updated: October 4th 2019

"Doraemon" and "Das alte Viadukt" layouts were at the 36th edition of IMA & 12. Märklin Days 2019 in Göppingen - (DE) september 13rd-15th 2019!!!

Pages updated: May 10th 2019

Railroad's Map updated, now with 1713 sites!

Pages updated: April 21st 2019

Added the new page dedicated to the "Das alte Viadukt" picture-frame layout!"

"Doraemon" and "Das alte Viadukt" layouts've been present at Model Show at Fiera di Genova on March 15-17 2019

Pages updated: January 12nd 2019

Railroad's Map updated!

"Doraemon" Suitcase layout's been shown for the first time at Osaka Z day 2018 - Japan on November 24th 2018, having travelled more than 22.000km during a 3 weeks long journey!!!

Pages updated: April 22nd 2019

"Schwindeltal", "Gold Valley" and "Das alte Viadukt" have been shown at SPUR Z WEEKEND from April 14 to 15 in Altenbeken (DE)!!!

Pages updated: March 19th 2018

Railroad's Map updated!

"Schwindeltal" layout was at the 34th edition of IMA & Märklin Days 2017 in Göppingen - (DE) september 15th-17th 2017!!!

"Schwindeltal" layout has been at Model Show 2017 hosted at Tower Hotel Genova Aeroporto from 3rd to 4th december

Pages updated: April, 23rd 2017

Photogallery page created

Pages updated: April, 17th 2017

Railroad's Map updated, now with 1500 sites!

"Schwindeltal" layout was presented at Jubiläumsausstellung - 25 Jahr Z Stammtisch Untereschbach on April 1st-2nd 2017 in Bergisch Gladbach - Germania!!!
A special thank to my Z-friends Nicola Pennella and Hermann Kammler for the exceptional hospitality! And thank you to the whole Stammtisch for the wonderful days spent alltogether!

"Sonnenhof" layout was present at MODEL SHOW on December, 3rd-4th 2016 at Fiera di Genova!!!

Page updated on: June, 19th 2016

Railroad's Map updated, now with 1285 sites!

Page updated on: May, 22nd 2016

Railroad's Map updated, website's "mobile" version created

Page updated on: May, 10th 2016

Added the new page "Railway tourism" that contains the new interactive map with many railway-related sites all around the world!"

The "Red Spider Canyon" was present at the SPUR Z WEEKEND on April, 16th and 17th 2015 at Altenbeken (DE)!!!

The "Red Spider Canyon" was present at EXPO MODEL SHOW on December, 5th and 6th 2015 at Fiera di Genova!!!

The "Red Spider Canyon" was at the 32nd edition of the International Railroad model Exposition & Märklin Days 2015 in Göppingen - Germany from September 18th to 20th 2015!!!